Centre of Excellence for Agrotextiles

Seminars and Workshops
Agriculture is the backbone of https://breitling-watches-replica.hublotclone.com Indian economy. However due to industrialization and urbanization the availability of cultivable land is reducing. In order to feed the growing population, it is essential to get the best yield from the available cultivable land. This can be possible with help of protected cultivation using Protective Agrotextiles. The Centre of Excellence has an important mission of popularizing Agrotextiles. With this aim, several awareness one day seminar programmes were conducted on Protective Agrotextiles – advantages and Future Prospects till date and the same have been listed below:
16th December 2013, Kisan-Mela 2013, Pune.

31st October 2013, Bishnupur

30th   October 2013, Imphal East

29th  October 2013, Imphal West

16th March 2013, Jabalpur
Kisan Expo 2012 , at Pune on 16th? December 2012
7th? November, 2012, Meghalaya
22nd March 2012, Kolkatta,?
16th December 2011, Seminar at? Kisan 2011,? Pune
19th September 2011, Dharwad,
13th September 2011, Nashik, Workshop for farmers
7th June, 2011? Coimbatore
20th January 2011, Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur
16th December, 2010, ?Pune
28th October, 2010 , Jalandhar
22nd March 2010,? Vijayawada
5th March 2010 , Targhadia, Rajkot
25th August 2009 , ?Navsari
6th February 2009, ?Nagpur
1st October 2008 , Mumbai